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When Experience Matters

Insurtech start-ups have their own unique sets of expertise. Inevitably, there will be experience gaps, and this is where Indemnity Labs steps in – to fill the gaps and make your team whole.

Our team brings both deep and wide knowledge of the insurance industry, in addition to connections and access to strategic partnerships.


Advice and expert recommendations on growth, strategy and product creation.


Hands-on services in business planning, development, and all insurance-based services.


Your trusted counselor or guide through business creation or change adoption.

Tailored Solutions for Rapid Growth

Indemnity Lab takes an ultra tailored approach to every working relationship. Whether you are using us for advising consulting or mentoring, your strategic plan could include the following:

  • Risk Management – Identification and evaluation of potential risks and plans / resources to mitigate those risks.
  • Actuarial Assessments – Audit of the actuarial processes and statistical analysis of all company assets, risks, claims processes, premium and rate calculations.
  • Claims Systems / Management Development – Determine improvements in claims processes, including reporting, investigating, settlements and payment systems. 
  • Product Development – Creation of new product offerings, assessments of current products, including tailoring to industry verticals and customer segments. 
  • Compliance Consulting – Navigation of complex regulatory requirements in the property and casualty industries – nationally and state-based. 
  • Technology Strategy – Consultation on the company technology stack and adoption of new digital platforms, including AI solutions to streamline operations, service and costs. 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Evaluation of potential mergers and/or acquisitions and real-time guidance through integrations.
  • Strategic Partnerships – Introductions to strategic relationships and partnership development.

“What we need is more creativity in the industry. Be agile and have an open mindset. We need to be able to innovate quickly, increase speed to market and relationship building.”

– Emilio Figueroa, CEO (InsureTech Connect, 2022)